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arrow ITES-2S Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need a password to the ITES-2S Portal?

Answer:  General Dynamics uses the portion of the portal behind the task order management section as the location for teammates to conduct day to day operations.  Each teammate company is authorized to have two userids for the portal.  If you feel you need to get access to this section of the portal, contact the ITES-2S Program Management office at (757) 864-0850 or send an email to ITES2PMO@gdit.com .


I have forgotten my userid/password – how do I get it reset?

Answer:   While at the logon page, click on “Forgot your password?” and enter the generic user ID you were provided and click on submit.  A new password will be e-mailed to the owner of your generic password within a few minutes.  If you change the owner of your company userid and password, please inform the GD PMO office at ITES2PMO@gdit.com   For additional questions or concerns please contact the ITES-2S Program Management office at (757) 864-0850 or send an email to ITES2PMO@gdit.com .


How do I make an request through the ITES-2S contract?

Answer:   It is a simple, decentralized method that individuals and their contracting offices can use.  It really boils down to determining your requirements (by capturing your requirements in a couple of prescribed documents), determine acquisition strategy with your local contracting office, and then having your contracting office upload your requirements' documents onto the CHESS website.  You can upload your RFP requirements at https://chess.army.mil.  You can also review the overall Army CIO procurement guide at https://ascp.monmouth.army.mil/scp/downloads/standardspolicy_files/ARMY_IT_Guide_2006.pdf   for individual steps and processes.  Both Army Small Computer Program and General Dynamics have a complete set of instructions on how to best use this contract to meet your needs on.  Simply go into the ORDERING GUIDE section of the website and review both documents.  (Actual CHESS ordering guide will be published once government provides approved ordering guide).


What is a PBWS?

Answer:  PBWS is the Performance Based Work Statement that is written by the bidding vendor/contractor to give the customer the details of the solution they have developed in response to the PWS that was issued in the solicitation.  The details of    this document are highlighted in the Performance-Based Acquisition.


How quickly will I get my task order awarded? 

Answer:  Per the details of the contract and the concept implemented by the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and (CHESS), your local contracting office can submit your requirements to the CHESS website at https://chess.army.mil.  Your requirements' documents will then be posted to the CHESS website for the prime vendors to review.   Incoming bids from various vendors could be required as quickly as routinely 10 days.  Since each requirement is slightly different due to complexity, you can recommend how many days the vendors have to respond to your needs through coordination with your local contracting office.


Do I need an AKM 1 wavier before using the ITES-2S Contract?

Answer:  If the purchase is above $25k (O&M) or above $100K (RDT&E), you must submit for an AKM Goal 1 Waiver through the Army CIO/G6 office.  To request a waiver you must go to https://adminapps.hqda.pentagon.mil/pac/ .   You can read more details on the overall procurement timeline and requirements at  https://ascp.monmouth.army.mil/scp/downloads/standardspolicy_files/ARMY_IT_Guide_2006.pdf  


Do I have to use Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) if I need to buy hardware or software for a Task Order?

Answer: Yes, per the contract issued by NCRCC all contractors, including subcontractors, must first check with CHESS to find out whether they carry your particular hardware or software requirements when conducting all ITES-2S procurements.  If CHESS or the DOD ESI websites do not carry the items you want to purchase or the items can be purchased at a cheaper price, then another distributor is welcome.


What are the labor rates for the individuals that I need?

Answer:  You can view all labor rates and definitions for all labor categories of personnel supported under this contract on the General Dynamics website at the     “ITES-2S Services” flyout on the left hand side of website.


What am I required to provide to my new employees at my government site if someone comes to work for me (ie, computer support, CAC card, etc)?

Answer:  The terms you state in your requirements document will determine what you provide to the vendor (ie, CAC Card, automation support, office supplies, etc).   Your local contracting office will help you in identifying the most common site requirements.


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